Miniature Screens
My miniature screens were created in 1989 when I was asked to take part in my 1st exhibit.  A gallery owner & friend saw the screens of my home & asked me to be part of a show with the legends of the craft.  I was requested to hang my masterpiece reproductions.  Since they were being used in my home I begrudgingly accepted but had hoped none of them would sell.
I quickly created small 5" x 7" painted screens that could be admired not as utilitarian but as art.  It also brought the art inside for the owner to enjoy rather than the outsider which is the case with traditional painted screens.  I paid homage to the movements roots by painting Baltimore scenes & personalities.   These scenes & sizes quickly caught on & a 2nd career was born.

As with all of my screens presented as art, these are backed in a black material for better viewing.  The small screens can be hung or displayed on flat surface.